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Just got out of Jail! Sweet Freedom!

Posted by FrostDrive - February 25th, 2014

I don't go on NG much anymore, but I thought, hey this true story of my life might be funny to those with no compassion in their hearts. 


So. Funny story of my life.  I just got out of jail yesterday. ( I didn't mean to type this much honestly, but it's probably a nice little read. idk.....):  TL;DR: I went to jail, realized a lot about life, almost got my family separated, my brother/best friend in the world is kidnapped for the next 2 months. Might go back to jail during court in April, in the lowest part of my life. Have nothing going for me. Might commit suicide. lol jk...about the suicide only..........maybe not....idk..what is reality.  I went to a party 6 days ago with my brother, I told him I was gonna try to score with this one chick. So we party. I get too drunk(always happens I hate alchohol) PUKE. Pass out for 30 minutes. Wake up, my brothers making out with both chicks at this little party thing. and I'm just sitting there watching them, still feeling sick as fuck, but realizing that everything in life is just stupid and superficial. After about 10 minutes I couldn't take it and I just walked home. One of the worst nights of my life.  So I go home. and wake up to one of the worst DAYS of my life.  I wake up to a police raid in my house. I don't know why, but I don't even have pants on and this cop is telling to get out of my room before I even get out of bed, I get up and put pants on anyways.  I'm kinda panicking.  Because you know why.  I had marijuana and mushrooms in my room. Funny thing too, literally the DAY before this I ordered 265$ worth of laughing gas because it's fun and harmless. Got confiscated. Lost 265$ and about 100$ of CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE.  So I got arrested. And it's pretty much my brothers fault for getting black out drunk and causing one of those girls to call the cops on him. Funny thing, that girl sent me a letter saying "sorry! Please still be cool with me"  Fuck no bitch. Just ruined my life.  So the police raid search goes on for about 2 hours, and my whole family (I'm oldest of 7 kids) is sitting in the living room while more and more cops come in our house and tear everything up. Probably about 12. All around 6 feet tall and buff too.  And we are really poor, 9 people in a 3 bedroom cockroach riddeen apartment with dishes stacked in the sink and laundry all over the floor.  So these cops I'll call bandits start taking pictures all around our house. Yeah...  So yeah, I went to jail everybody. and I'll tell you what. You don't know what it means to live until you've been to jail. Seriously, you have no idea. Don't even think for a fucking SECOND that you do. Because you don't.  Everyone takes freedom for granted wether they want to or not, and they don't even realize it.  Not me though. NOT me.  ... sorry if I'm sounding pissed off. I'm at the lowest part of my life right now, and I guess this is helping me vent.  So when you go to jail, the bandits jail you for 3 days till you go to court, otherwise they realease you and you get a court date.  BUT HEY! the weekends don't count. So I had to stay for fucking 5 days.  Jail itself wasn't all that bad, I made the best of it. It's just that I lost 5 days of my life, had this whole ordeal, missed out on work, missed out on college, and might have to drop out.  Actually jail was pretty alright for me. you get ONE shitty ass bendy pen, but luckily I met this guy that rigged his pen with T-shirt thread to be more sturdy. Everytime a guard came in though I had to hide it. It was Contraband.  There's nothing to do in jail. So I just drew, alot.  What's funny was when I got home, my mom was worried cuz' I'm pretty short and small, and could easily be beaten the fuck up. So she asked me if I got beat up hugging me and crying.  and I was like, "heck no mom, I was the life of that jail pod. I was drawing caricatures of everybody, I drew up an awesome board game that everyone loved, and I even invented a pillow that was better than everyone elses"  (you don't get a pillow in jail, just a nasty plastic cushion to lay down on)  Seriously though, the board game I made up was awesome. I might send it to Hasbro. It's fucking great.  Ohey, if anyone ever needs dice but don't have any. Get some toilet paper get it wet, shape it a cube. Let it dry. That's some jail dice for yah' CONTRABAND. Had to hide the dice everytime a guard came in.  I wasn't sure, but I think my board game was contraband too.  you're not allowed to have fun in jail. but we did anyways. Fuck the police.  I met some really cool guys in there. you know that saying, don't talk to guys you meet in jail in the real world.  Fuck that.  I just got some new best friends.  What's funny was. I'm in jail right. Playing a little cartoony board game with some guys. talking about magic and pokemon, and getting high as fuck on drugs.  Totally un-stereotypical.  There was actually this supergigantic buff mexican guy with a biggg jaw and mutton chops. Couldn't speak English.  Really intimidating.  He was a cool guy though, I drew a caricature of him, and I inspired him to draw some cartoon stuff instead of just tattoo art. Haha  I bet it was hella odd to everyone else in there, this little 15 year old lookin' 21 year old comes into jail for a couple days, and fuckin' makes a board game and draws everybody there.  and draws some nekkid ladies too. WOOT WOOT.  WHAT"S REALLY AWESOME OF WHAT I DID IN JAIL was I mastered LUCID DREAMING. That's right bitcthes. I did it. What. What.  I can now control my dreams all the time, and I know I'm in a dream.  But what's funner than controlling the dream, is just rolling with the dream, it's HELLA trippy. and I mean HELLLA FUCKIN TRIPPY. Because your SUBconcsious is making up what's happening in the dream. NOT YOU. so you can kinda just stand back and be like. Woah. What the fuck. HAHA  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so I get out of jail, have a 30 minute walk home.  Get home and expect to see my brother  and everyone there. but nope. My brother got arrested too awhile after me and he's in Juve for the next 2 months.  My brother is my best friend in the world. so I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do. ):  To top it of my mom tells me after I left it all got a lot worse. The cops notified CPS and my mom and two brothers had to clean the entire house in 5 hours. Otherwise my mom would've lost all her kids. And that's all she has. We don't have much.  and while me and my brother were in jail we missed our sisters baby shower for her newborn. I feel really bad.  Fuckin' tearing up right now. And in the middle of starbucks because I'm too poor for internet.  SO yeah.  I'll probably get probation and drug court for the next 2 years. but I have no idea till' I go to court.  and I have to pay for a lawyer, so there goes ALL my college money. Fuck my life.  But hey. I'm gonna get back into drawing again because I don't have my best friend with me anymore. So. hurray right.  Yeah....  

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No offence man, But you need to get the fuck out of whatever town you're in. Make a new life for yourself, shit's only gonna get worse.

Yeah, especially since I know in this town they try by all means to fuck everyone on probation over.

Holy shit. I hope the plebs here at Newgrounds, reads this, and can take some understanding from your ordeal. I really hope you can still go to college, maybe animation commissions would help... without the internet at home, you should be more productive.

And don't hang out with feral kids, they'll turn on you (as you stated).

Yeah I'm definitely gettting a lot more productivity out now. I don't feel inclinced to waste any of my time . :D

"Funny thing, that girl sent me a letter saying "sorry! Please still be cool with me" Fuck no bitch. Just ruined my life."

Oh man. XD

I know a lot about what you're going through, friend. I've been in jail 4 or 5 times now. County once and the rest was city. Spent about the same amount of time you did once in a shitty, cramped city jail and I know all about the lucid dreaming aspect. The stress, the worry, the conditions and all of that don't make it easy to sleep so even when you do, you're stressing out terribly. That makes it a lot easier to gain control of your dreams. Hang in there. This is your first time getting in trouble so you're not likely to face any county jail time. You could try to get a court appointed lawyer. A lot of people say they're worthless but in my experience, there are definitely good ones out there that will fight for you. It's an option. Since it's a drug charge, you're going to have take piss tests constantly. So for the time being, I'd stop all use. Because if you're caught, you're going back to jail. Just remember, your life isn't over. You're young, you can come out of this on top. People have done way worse and succeeded and it's quite common for high school and college age people to get in trouble like this. Especially when it comes to drugs. So don't give up. That'll just lead to you getting in more trouble most likely. It's an awful situation to be in, but it doesn't have to define you and what you do in the future. Good luck!

Yeah through contacts I'm hiring a lawyer who's supossedly the best in town. So that's pretty sweet.
and yeah, that must've been it, all the stress and worry enabling lucid dreaming cuz' I haven't done it out of jail now. Interesting.

I"m definitely gonna live life the the fullest now, and not let anything I wanna do slip by. Thanks man!

No beating around the bush here: You need to stop doing drugs and show that you have indeed learned something valuable here.

Yeah that's easy. Nothing imaginable is worth going to jail for.
If god came to my door and said "sup dude wanna travel the universe through space and time but go to jail afterwards?"
I"d say
Nah thanks man.


What did you draw on in jail? Did they give you normal paper? ...was it all toilet paper?

That's pretty intense, entertaining to read but I can't imagine how it'd feel to have it happen myself, like you say you never really appreciate freedom till you get it taken from you... maybe with enough imagination it'll be possible. Best of luck with getting your life sorted out after this, don't let distrust in the system steer the way! You have a span of talents.

You get 4 pieces of paper a week. But I did some trading and stuff. haha
Thanks man!

Man...I'm sorry this happened to you. I have something to share with you, you can take it or leave it, but this is out of concern, and it may help you. Right then and there should tell you if it hasn't already, that substance abuse can lead to terrible things. It's why I don't get drunk, it's why I don't do drugs. That's how my uncle died, and how people i used to know turned into assholes and went from good friends to backstabbers.

Some people feel they need it cause yeah life sucks and it "helps", but in actuality, it's running away from reality in a dangerous way. If this keeps up, this could happen to you again. I tell you this now, I've been through hard times and I never did drugs even during those times, even though I suffered, I knew what I'd be getting into. I always want to be myself and under control so stuff like this doesn't happen. Maybe you might brush me off say "hey he's just one of those scrutinizing pricks", but I'm honestly not I assure you. I'm concerned for anyone who feels the need for drugs, it means they're empty inside and hurt sometimes.

I read all of this, next time i'd use the "line breaks" to seperate stuff more organized like but I still read it all...man I'm sorry all that happened to you. Just please don't be like my cousin, he turned into a drug dealer and for 10 years kept getting in and out of jail never learning not to do it. You probably wont deal that stuff, but just sayin' man...be careful. Try not to abuse yourself, or lose control, take care of yourself man, care about yourself, there's people in your life I'm sure cares about you too, think about em.

Well hope all this helps if not, oh well, but I never regret trying. Hope things go better for you.

I can see your point. but honestly i think most people go to abusing drugs simply because they have no hobbies or goals or aspirations in life. So why not get high again. See what I'm saying?

I draw and play guitar and make youtube videos. I just got high every now and then to have fun, and being on psychadelic drugs makes me really philosophical and optimistic about life and inspires me.

The drugs that tend to ruin people are alchohol, meth, heroine etc. And those are all just superficial drugs that make you "FEEL" great. The drugs I like are the ones that trip your mind into perceiving reality a little bit different. and honestly I was just exploring my mind and trying to figure out what all this is. Consciousness. Everything.

I'm quitting though cuz' of all this. Nothings worth going to jail for, but I don't think drugs are bad if used in moderation.
heck even water has to be in moderation. That shit can kill you.

There's two kinds of jail, and some people get one one kind. But they never understand that the other is the bars that they can't even see, the inability to have the freedom to express.

It's good someone realizes what happens out of all that.

That's a pretty awesome quote dude

That's a pretty incredible story. I don't hate all cops, but the ones who arrest people for victimless crimes are the fucking scum of the earth, or bandits as you put it. It's cool that you're able to take so much positive out of all of that, but I recognize what a messed up situation you're in. It sounds like you're handling it in the best possible way. Keep making art, keep your guard up, and keep your friends and family close to you. Experiences like that make you a more interesting artist. There are worse things than being poor... like being a boring fucking human being.

Haha man that's a pretty great way to look at it.
now I just have more complexity to my character and art. Thanks man!

I'm convinced from my childhood that the only way to realize one's folly and to bring one closer to the greater good is to suffer tremendous pain. Psychic pain, to be precise. If you survive it, you will become much stronger, and nothing will stop you as long as you believe in the determination of your future.
Because when you do something for the greater good, everything is going always as planned.
Greater good = a goal in life, a moral achievement.

What is your next objective in life, FrostDrive?

That is so awesome man. I might 'steal' those lines if that's alright. :D So epic.
It might sound pretty stupid and arrogant, but being in there, trapped against your will, with your freedom taken away. I realized I'm pretty lucky because I can draw and do music, and videos. What a better way to get a message out there. Any message. So what I wanna do in my life is change the world. Even a little bit, for the good.

i enjoyed this and it let's me know that i'm not the only one who thinks cop's are assholes, i'm only 16 and me and my brother got thrown into a cop car because my parents lost the house so me and my brother went to get the mail since ya know it's still being mailed to my "old house" and i know i'm trespassing but my parents need their checks for my siblings and but anyways the neighbors who hate us called the cops and the cop around ''6 feet tall asshole threw us against aggressively and calling back up on 2 scrawny teens who are harmless, annnnddd having us sit in a cop car for an hour,which isn't as bad as what happened too you and i'm sorry to hear that sounds pretty fucked up just the fact that you also have younger siblings and a mom who i can imagine is awesome really gives me the feels and ya know i wish you the best man :)

Jesus man, that's terrible. You guys weren't even doing anything evil in any way shape or form.
thanks man!

That was a pretty interesting read. I really hope things go better for you. You seem like a really positive person considering you walked into jail and you just started drawing. That's the most bad ass thing I've ever heard, actually.

Haha thanks! I'm pretty inspired now to do alot of awesome things in life.

America's drug policy's ridiculously fucked up. It's outrageous someone is sent to jail for so long for doing nothing but using a substance. It's not like you raped or killed anyone, yet you're treated like a fucking terrorist. The War on Drugs is an outdated drug policy, and I can only hope America will get its head off its ass.

Exactly. I went to jail for a completely victimless crime. Corruption, especially with the NDAA around. Needs to be changed.

I'm glad that you made the best out of a bad situation in jail. As many others are saying, if you want to avoid having to deal with that shit again you need to have a lifestyle change and you're the only person that can decide what needs fixing in your life.

Don't let this one instance ruin your life, try to get into college if you can but if you can't then perfect your drawing and become a professional artist.

I also recommend NOT lucid dreaming because it can easily become nightmares and you do not want to be a victim of a lucid nightmare, from what I heard it is the most horrifying shit that you can imagine.

Keep your chin up. Also don't kill yourself because that's bad man.

Yeah I'm done with substances for now, definitely not worth giving the government an excuse to put you behind bars. So I'm quiting. That's really easy. Now I can just focus even more on my hobbies and shit.

and I get what you mean by creepy lucid dreams! I was pushing this one guy around calling him a faggot and he wouldn't even look at me and was like "damn, this guy isn't even real" tripped me out.
But I'm prepared, creepyness, bring it on! :D

I don't often log on to newgrounds anymore. It's been years. I just had to say that your story is very interesting and you are an amazing person. Don't let this bump in the road get you down. You're very lucky that you have a family that loves you.. Some people aren't as lucky.. Material things will come and go but your family is the only one that you've got. I'm glad you realize this, somewhat.

Keep doing what you love, just try to stay out of trouble. Do questionable things alone or with people you trust with your life. They have your life in your hands, after that point, after all.

You're right man. Really good view on it. Thanks for the positive words. :D
I"ll keep my chin way up from now on.

haha well said man, well said (in response to my comment). You're a talented soul.

Glad you're back, just wish it was under better circumstances. All I can say is, endeavor to persevere.

So how ya been lately, getting ahead of the game yet?

Tryin'! I should be finished with this little sprite animation by the end of this week. :D

No rush, how's things at home, getting better (but not too good as to invite the cops over again)?