Just R-R-Rappin' Away

2014-10-10 15:24:05 by FrostDrive

I wanna to feel accomplished. 
like a high class polish. 
but everyday goes by and I feel like bollocks. 

So I'll animate a cartoon. 

Get my fumes on bloom. 

Sweep another one out with the king kong's broom. 


Gonna do it. 
Cuz' I'm bored. 

and I'm not on a cord. 

I'm unplugged, and unhugged. 

to any screens cuz' I'm untugged. 

but I'm still bored as fuck.
I'll animate. 
A duck and a cock suck. 
maybe make a quick buck. 

but idk. 
who cares. 
I'll just try out my luck. 

This was a pointless post. 

but oh well. 

Time to put it on roast. 



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2014-10-10 16:03:46

Damn holmes, 6 months of silence and you come back spouting poetry and riddles!
What kind of animation you thinking about doing? How's things at home, drama free I hope?
Still can't get over the mess that happened to you a while back... :\

FrostDrive responds:

I'm broke as a joke, and barely have a home.
No computers or screens,
it's all busted to beans.
but I get paid today.
and'll have some cash so Hey!
and I'll buy me a hardrive cuz' mines out.

because I have a lot of drive and the lights out.


2014-10-10 20:11:07

Animate your rap, that would be fun.

FrostDrive responds:

Haha, yeah! I need to record something at least.


2014-10-10 21:04:04

I wrote a poem like this once in second grade. But yours is cooler.

FrostDrive responds:

Do it again!
It's so pointless it's fun.


2014-10-11 04:16:35

It's sitting right in my lap I see it, scribbled across the lines I read it
I'm the fucking poet who knows it, you know it, you bogus

FrostDrive responds:

Hahaha that's hocus and pocus! unbogus you knows it!


2014-10-11 12:59:48

Sonicman13 has been doing that stupid crap to me and everyone else now you should just ban them or see if Tom Fulp could stop that. But hey I wish you the best of luck on your future projects!

FrostDrive responds:

Aww....I think whatever he did. It's gone now. I never got to see the ridiculousness he posted against me. D:


2014-10-11 19:10:20

I really wish I could favorite that rap


2014-10-11 23:02:52

I read this as a poem, not a rap.


2014-10-22 08:41:24

Sweet rap, bro.

FrostDrive responds:

Thanks man :D


2014-11-05 23:13:47

If you got family and a roof over your head, it's a good start. I'm losing my home, most of my family's already dead or half a world away.. I should have enough money to weather the transition, but my heart is all busted up


2015-04-24 12:56:58



2017-05-08 14:59:55

it doesn't matter if this is a poem or a rap, they can be the same thing