2017-08-22 18:30:53 by FrostDrive

I finished a short adventure time animation parody. 

It's on YouTube right now check it out! 




Heck Here are some more of my recent YouTube videos too. Check em out! :D   


I'll upload it to Newgrounds soon.  I also make a lot of animated reaction/commentary videos you can check out too! (:  Heck here are a couple more of my recent vids. 




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2017-08-23 00:50:43

I don't have a YT account, but I do make it a policy to re-watch animations, after I've seen them here.
Wow man, long time no see, glad you still have the ability to tag this to the Front Page, otherwise *vwip, right over my head.

FrostDrive responds:

Heyy! Yeah I'll be coming back here I think. It's been too long.