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I loved it so much!! Until the end. Slurpee girl was my favorite );

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Please learn some basic concepts of drawing and art.

Such as.
Mechanics of the human body.
3dimensional space.
and lighting.

and at least some principles of animation. Like anticipation etc.

I"m not being a dick. Just being honest.

everythings pretty great, especially the writing and timing.

There's only one thing you REALLY need to do.

That's moving the jaw down when people talk.

What you have now is what appears to be floating cardboard drawn mouths over there face.

The point of animation is to create an illusion.
Please work on your lips illusion.

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cyotecody555 responds:

It'll eventually come to that. I just need to quit being so lazy.

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I listened to a podcast - Reply All Episode #105 At Worlds End

Where they went into the history of this game and how it disappeared and was lost forever.

Yet a simple google search leads me here..submitted in 2009.

I'm so confused.

This games godamn fun. Beat it in about 25 minutes. Everything about it's perfect. Just wish there were endless levels!

Was the vagina looking cave opening intended?
If not, that's pretty funny.

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Hahahah dude this goes perfectly with this new video I'm working on! Like, so perfect that it's actually really crazy. Love this song!

This songs awesome! Everythings really catchy like. FUCK.

You should make more music like this man! I mean, on top of your amazing instrumentals too of course :p

I swear everytime I come to see if I can find a fitting song for a video I find a new favorite song you've made. xD
This ones great! I love it

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Jacob responds:

It's probably my favorite of the year, thus far. It just has a special place for me.

Thank you, Frosty! Your reviews always make my day.

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This is beautiful!

Woah! This looks crazy! I feel like it could make for some sick and twisted cartoon series XD

Cyberdevil responds:

If you feel like animating it *hint hint* ;) Glad you liked!

That's top notch dude! Makes it seem like a real movie!
Did you do some trace bitmap and them some art program smudging to get it all cartoony but still realistic looking?

Twisted4000 responds:

No, I just drew everyone but I did use reference photos we took of ourselves

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