FrostDrive's News


2012-01-14 04:47:30 by FrostDrive

Ahahahaha (:

I've been Scouted!

2012-01-11 00:23:51 by FrostDrive

I got scouted by Bonehead93

He has amazing cartoons if you haven't seen them yet you should!

I even made fan art of his characters, it can be found here.

I've been Scouted!


2012-01-05 22:58:56 by FrostDrive

I submitted some. Take a look if you want.

First News Post

2011-12-16 00:54:37 by FrostDrive

So I thought I'd make a news post so my profile isn't totally blank.

Anyways, I'll post up art soon. That's all. C: